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Akhal Teke Golden Horse - last few left in the world.

Akhal Teke| Golden Horse| Turkmenistan| Only few thousand left in the world|Persian horse| Metallic shiny colour| Divine Horse 
Akhal Teke or commonly known as the Golden horse is one of the most ancient breeds of working horses that originate from the kingdom of Turkmenistan. It is a well-known breed of stallion used by the Turkmen as mounted cavalry and racing around 3000 years ago. According to estimates, today only 6600 individuals are present.Out of more than 250 breeds of horse known today, Akhal Teke is the most famous one because of its elegant metallic golden coat and its tendency to be the most trainable and showjumper enriching the culture of nomadic tribes of the southern region of Turkmenistan. Even the national emblem of Turkmenistan features Akhal Teke.  According to the tradition of the nomads, horses are considered to be sacred, and harming or causing them any sort of distress is a sin. Akhal Teke horse has been used in most of the ancient wars and the breed has been …

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