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Can a snake eat a human ??

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Certainly, a snake can kill and eat a human. There are around more than 3500 snake species in the world out of which around 600 are venomous and a deadly bite from any of these is mostly fatal for humans. 

But fortunately, the size of their prey is mostly the size of small mammals or rodents such as mice. Although these venomous species can kill a human but can’t eat them, there are still few constrictor species such as reticulated python or anaconda. 
Anacondas are the biggest snakes in the world some reaching up to 550 pounds and 30 feet in length. While an anaconda or python has been seen hunting and eating prey as big as a large deer, researches say that it would not be difficult for these giants to eat a human as well.

Habitat and distribution 

Pythons are distributed throughout Asia, Australia, Africa, and Madagascar. Pythons inhabit moist, green habitat…

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