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Komodo Dragon - The last dragons left on the planet !

Komodo Dragon| last dragons left in the word| biggest lizard in the world| Komodo kills humans| Komodo's saliva contains venom
One must be very fascinated by the thought of the existence of dragons flying around in the sky blowing out fire describing its glory and supremacy in the skies. Being the ultimate predator back in the days millions of years ago when there was none a match for a dragon. This majestic creature has been mentioned in several mythological books and scripts especially in the Chinese and Japanese culture.
Although dragons have become a story of the past and one can only imagine their appearance and glory through scribings and paintings on the ancient structures but there is still a creature in the animal kingdom in the world existing today which may not be able to fly like dragons but still is called as the last dragons left on the planet. This is non-other than the “Komodo Dragon”.
Komodo Dragon or “ Varanus komodoensis ” is the largest living lizard in the …

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