Dogs – Stray vs. breed! Which one should you go for?

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If you planning to get a dog and buy a pedigreed one, then think again. In today's scenario, dog owners can be broadly classified between the passionate and honest dog lovers on one hand, and the flaunting or the show off ones on the other hand. The former are the ones who's love for dogs is a genuine one whether it be a stray or a pedigreed one and may have a soft corner for not only for dogs but for all kind of pets while the latter are those who want a pure breed good looking or a muscular dog just in order to flaunt in the society and to show their social status especially in the case of upper class of social strata.

These show off one's may not be even a dog enthusiast but still, they bring these innocent creatures home thinking of them as an asset to show everyone. Most of the abandonment and homeless cases of dogs are created by these sorts of people only. As per my observation, these people do not take any interest in the requirements of a certain breed of a dog that they bring home and then assign an irresponsible servant or so to care of the dog that does not have any experience in dealing with dogs.

A true dog lover is one for who breed does not matter rather he would be concerned for that homeless or abandoned dog that needs a loving home and a family. If you visit any animal shelter nearby, you will see for yourself that how desperate are these poor babies for love and care and most of them have not even experienced affection in their entire life.

Although they are properly cared for in these shelters, still being in a kennel around so many noises and other dogs barking and waiting for everlasting for someone who will come and make him a part of his family is very depressing. These shelters are always crowded and because of having limited space and lack of funds, sometimes very hard decisions are taken by them and some dogs are even euthanized. The intake of a huge number of dogs is increasing day by day and lack of resources does not allow them to attend to every case, so these shelters should also be not blamed for this.

Having a breed dog is fine but illegal breeding of these pedigreed dogs wherein the females are considered just as machines to produce puppies and their health is pathetic in these breeding farms commonly know as "puppy mills". Although many organizations such as PETA, SPCA and others are working to apprehend and close these puppy mills in the country and they have succeeded to some extent but there are still many prevailing today.

Pedigreed dog if one wants, then he should reach out to the animal shelters which are having so many homeless breed dogs and you can get a friend for life and save a soul. But one should also look out for endless numbered stray ones who are in need of help the most. These poor souls are beaten, tortured, assaulted by people on roads even just for merry some  and there life is miserable. They have to work hard just to get the food to sustain and also protecting themselves  from threats such as people who hurt the most, accidents on the busy roads and even other dominating dogs also. Still, you may be surprised by the fact that these can be great pets.

 A recent study has shown that these stray or some may refer "indies" need even less care and effort as compared to pedigreed ones. These are tough, well suited to our environment as are equally lovable as the pedigreed one would be. These are social too as they have been living out on the streets for very long which has developed skills in them for how to live along with humans in society with harmony. Here are some facts which depict that strays can be excellent pets –

Don't shop always adopt – Bringing a pedigreed puppy even from a reputed breeder after paying a hefty price is not at all a sensible decision rather one should always adopt and reach out to animal shelters or adoption sites or campaigns where one could easily get a loving and loyal friend for himself and save a soul in need. These shelters have both stray as well as pedigreed ones who need a loving home and one could find a suitable match.

Emotionally Tough and more sustainable- Stray dogs after living on the streets for so long and having a tough life throughout have become strong and  less susceptible to adverse issues such as anxiety, depression and other issues on emotional level and do not easily give up, so they can become your companion for life when you need them the most.

Social skills- Being around people have developed social skills in these beautiful souls who are mostly friendly to humans except for some cases where the dog has been abused or so but that can also be treated with proper training, love, and care.

Fewer health issues- Living in the extreme climate to which they are habitual and being a native to our environment, they are generally very healthy and do not usually have health issues.

No specialized diet requirements- Other the pedigreed breeds who need specific nutrients requirements depending on the type of breed, these stray do not have such needs and home-cooked food will do just fine.

Obedient and trainable- These beautiful creatures some of them abused throughout their life are mostly very obedient and desperate for love and care and just a few praises and treats will do the job and make them easy to train.

No need for large space- These stray does not need very large spaces to live, an apartment or small house is just fine until they are given proper routine walks to fulfill their exercise requirements.

Temperament- These are mostly friendly to people and with children also if kept under the supervision of someone and can be easily trained and can turn out to be an excellent family dog.

Easy to maintain- These are mostly with a short coat and do not have much grooming requirements. Proper brushing and routine bathing on time is more than enough and does not have high maintenance needs.

Less expensive- Firstly, you would be adopting one without paying any hefty sum to a breeder. Secondly, diet, grooming and health requirements are minimal so they are very less expensive to maintain as far as their basic needs are fulfilled.

Loyalty and unconditional love- These souls striving for family, love, and home are so in need of help that whosoever rescues them gets unconditional love and care in return and a friend for life.

Minimal exercising requirements- Last but not the least is that these are generally small to medium in size, so they do not require thorough exercise like those in case of pedigreed dogs, and small walks and indoor play is fine.

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