20 Unique facts about Animal world- Did you know ?

Unique animal facts|Pets and Animals|Did you know?

1)      In the seahorse world, the male carries eggs till the fry (baby sea horse) is born.

2)      Manatee or "Sea Cows" were mistakenly considered  as Mermaids of water by early explorers.
Manatee or "Sea Cow"
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3)      Fishes sleep with their eyes open as they do not have eyelids.

4)      Anaconda female eats the male partner after the intercourse and does not eat for several months thereafter.

5)      A piranha fish can cut a steel wire into half by its sharp teeth.
Piranha teeth
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6)      The elephant has the longest Gestation period which is 640 days before it gives birth to young ones.

7)      Hippos are responsible for more attacks on humans than any other animal in Africa.

8)      The fastest animal on earth is Peregrine falcon which can fly up to a speed of 385 km/hr.

9)      Did you know that a baby Koala bear is called Joey.

10)   King cobras- the longest poisonous snake in the world eats other king cobras and snakes.

11)   Shiba Inu dog breed of Japan has the closest DNA to the wild wolf.

Shiba Inu
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12)   The Kangaroo rat can survive without water throughout its life of 10 years.

13)   Camel milk is the most expensive milk to be consumed and 12 times more expensive than Cow’s milk.

14)   Humpback Whales travel 16000 miles in a year in the search of food and produce young ones.

15)   Platypus is the only egg-laying mammal in the world which feed its offsprings.
Platypus- mammal laying eggs 

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16)   Did you know, there are around 40000 muscles in the trunk of an elephant.

17)   An ant can lift up to 50 times its own weight.

18)   A tiger has striped skin and not just the fur.

19)   Mayflies have shortest life span on earth of about 24 hours only.


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20)    A box jellyfish is considered to be the most poisonous animal in the world.

           Unique animal facts|Pets and Animals|Did you know?