The man eater tiger of Kumaon - Champawat tiger which killed 436 people.

The man-eater tiger of Kumaon| Champawat tiger| Jim Corbett| Save the Tiger 

The most deadliest animal on the planet in the history of the number of people killed by a single animal is the man-eater tiger of Kumaon- The Champawat tiger. This man-eating tiger has been recorded in the Guinness book of world records for killing 436 number of people in a span of 4 years and is popularly known as the Champawat tiger which was a Royal Bengal tigress  who left the conventional  methods of hunting a deer or other prey and turned into a man-eater.  

Tiger of Kumaon
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It is believed that Man-eater tiger only killed people and used to eat them up to an extent that even the remains of their body and any of the belongings were not even found. The total count of people killed by the tiger was given as 436 by the authorities but it is believed that it was such a silent killer and an efficient hunter  that the actual kill count was far more than this as many people got missing and no remains were found of them, not even signs of a tiger attack.

This man-eater tiger or Champawat tiger actually started with the killing of people and became  a man-eater in Nepal region where it used to hunt the people and later it was discovered that it has started consuming them as well. Earlier it was believed in the region that attacks on some people was result of a sudden encounter of the tiger with the people, but when it was found that the tiger is hunting people for food, it raised panic and fear in the entire region.

The authorities in Nepal took several measures such as forest guards, elephant riders, shooters, hunters, and other means as well but nothing helped and all efforts went in vain. It was such a clever animal that it was very difficult to collect any tracts of this man-eater tiger from the attack site and it was always able to escape from the shooters.

Seeing no other means left, the  Nepalese army was asked for help which turned out beneficial as the army somehow managed to evade the man-eater tiger from the region and the Champawat tiger fled and moved in into the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, India.

After entering the Kumaon region, the man-eater tiger created panic and fear in the region as it started killing people in the region. Soon several methods were taken such as shooters, watchers, forest teams, etc but as the man-eater tiger was well versed in escaping, all this action was a fail.

The authorities and forest officials all were disappointed as the killing of the number of people by the man-eater tiger was increasing with every passing day. Soon to the rescue came the world-famous hunter of the time – Jim Corbett.

He was such a brilliant hunter that in his entire hunting life he shot 19 man-eater leopards and 14 man-eater tigers. He used to kill only those animals which became a serious threat to the life of the people and believed to hunt alone without any assistance from other hunters.

Champawat tiger - Man eater tiger of Kumaon
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After the killing of a local 16-year old village girl near Champawat region, Jim Corbett followed the tracks of the killer which was clearly a tiger, and he managed to locate the remains of the girl but soon the tiger charged on him and he somehow managed to escape by firing shots into the air.

 The following day taking the help from a huge number of village people, he somehow managed the man-eater tiger to come in his range of rifle after which the Champawat tiger was shot dead and finally after a long period of panic and fear in people, the story of man-eater tiger of Kumaon  came to an end.

Man eater of Champawat
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While there were many predictions and views which were given as to why the tiger of Kumaon  turned in into a man-eater tiger but the most practical and sensible was that after the autopsy report of the tiger, it was found that the upper and lower canine of the jaw of the Champawat tiger was broken may be due to a bullet shot from a hunter which made it incapable of hunting its natural prey and went for the hunt of the easy prey which is human turning into a man-eater tiger.

              The man-eater tiger of Kumaon| Champawat tiger| Jim Corbett| Save the Tiger