May 01, 2020

Top 15 facts about sea animals- Did you know???

     Top 15 sea animal facts| Star fish| Stone fish| Sail fish| Most Poisonous| Largest fish species


           Starfish is not a “fish” but they are from the Echinodermata family as they do not have gills, scales, or fin as fishes have.

Starfish on sea shore
Image Source-  Google | Image by - pickpik

          The first whale to ever exist on the planet evolved from a “wolf sized four-legged mammal” that lived around the Tethys Sea 50 million years ago.

     Sea turtles live for around 100 years and lay about 100 eggs each time they nest.

Sea turtle
Image Source-  Google | Image by - garzablancaresidenceclub

     Recently, a new species of Electric eel (Electrophorus Voltai)  has been discovered that can produce a shock of 860 volts which have been recorded as the highest in the world.

          A unique fact about horned sea snake is that it the only sea snake in the world that has spine in his body.

         Clownfish popularly known as “Nemo” starts its life as a male and if the dominant female dies, one of the males will develop into a female.

Clown Fish
Image Source-  Google | Image by - flickr

          An Octopus has 3 hearts and their brain is situated in their arms.

          A Blobfish declared the ugliest animal in 2013 does not have any muscle tissue in the body.

Image Source-  Google | Image by - flickr

          Stonefish is the most venomous fish in the world.

    A shark is able to move both its upper and lower jaw unlike humans and other animals.

    Sailfish is the fastest fish on the planet that can reach a speed of 68 mph.

Image Source-  Google | Image by - flickr

    Did you know, the offspring of a whale is called a calf.

    Mariana Snailfish is the deepest fish in the ocean that survives in the ocean depth of more than 26000 feet.

    The biggest giant squid ever recorded was 43 feet long and weigh nearly a ton.

    Jellyfish were one of the first creatures to exist on the planet which does not have a brain, heart, bone, or eyes.

         Top sea animal facts| Star fish| Stone fish| Sail fish| Most Poisonous| Largest fish species

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