20 feet long Great white shark considered to be world's largest filmed on camera for the first time - " Deep Blue"

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A video has been released showing a gigantic Great white shark named “Deep Blue”  which is said to be the world's largest shark to be alive and caught on camera. Deep blue has been found off the coast of Hawaii earlier in 2019 which is considered to be 20 feet long, the biggest shark in the world.


"Deep Blue" - Largest of its kind in the world. 
Image source: thecut.com | Photo: Barcroft Media/Getty Images

It turned out to be an opportunity of a lifetime for a team of divers when they were taking photographs of sharks mostly tiger shark feasting on the dead carcass of a sperm whale nine miles off the coast of Oahu, a Hawaiian Island. 

Scenarios like these are not discovered very often, so the entire team was quite excited about the venture. Little did they knew that soon the moment would turn into the most amazing moment of their lifetime.

As they were recording and taking photographs of the tiger sharks, suddenly from the vicinity of the ocean came a huge shadow swimming towards the whale carcass. As it came close, the divers were amazed to see a giant great white shark swimming around the carcass which was huge around 20 feet long larger than any other great white.” Deep Blue”, the name given to the female shark, is supposed to be 50 years old and weighs more than 2.5 tonnes.

The underwater footage of the giant “Deep Blue” was recorded by Mark Mohler which shows Andrew Gray, marine biologist and underwater photographer Kimberly Jeffries swimming close to the giant creature just a couple of feets away having cameras with them and recording the majestic shark.

Gray was very amazed and took some time for him to understand what was going around him as he had never expected any Great white to be of such enormous size. It felt like that it was some prehistoric creature like Megalodon swimming around him. 


Tiger shark 
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He added that while the Deep Blue Was so huge, still it was not a very aggressive shark opposite to the common perception of Great white to be the most aggressive of all the shark breeds.

 Moreover, Deep blue was spotted in the Hawaiian waters where the Tiger sharks are more common and a Great white shark has hardly been ever spotted. Probably Deep Blue was attracted by the dead whale carcass which could be sensed out from hundreds of miles away because of its acute sense of smell. 

The great white shark can even smell out a single drop of blood floating in billions of drops of water. This sense of smell is because of the organ known as an olfactory bulb which is connected which their nostrils. The great white shark is supposed to have sensors which can catch electrical currents in water and scientist believe that this is used by them to navigate through the oceans using earth’s magnetic field.


Great White Shark hunting 
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Great white sharks have a really bad reputation for attacks on humans. These are responsible for several unprovoked and even fatal attacks on swimmers, divers, fishermen, and small boats too. A theory suggests that these mistakenly consider a kayaker or a diver to be a seal which it hunts for food. Although a shark can eat anything that can fit in their mouth.

 World's largest Great white shark| Tiger sharks| Shark attacks on humans| Deep Blue - Great white shark| Largest Great white shark ever recorded