Kaavan -‘World’s loneliest elephant “ is now free to live a new life

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From the past 35 years an Asiatic elephant has been living in the Islamabad zoo bounded by chains and negligence from the authorities leading a treacherous life and counting days to die in captivity.

Kaavan dubbed as “ World’s loneliest elephant”  has spent its entire life in an enclosure after he was gifted as a present by the Sri Lankan government to the Pakistani authorities as a token of good relations between the two countries.


Kaavan - World's loneliest elephant 

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At that time Kaavan was only a year old when he came to the Islamabad zoo to spend the rest of his life and little did he knew that it would turn out to be a hell of a journey for him.

Kaavan got attention from the animal protection organizations such as “Four Paws”  which saw the dire condition of Kaavan and other inhabitants of the Islamabad zoo which were in such a pathetic condition that animals were on the verge of death. 

Another horrific incident took place when the zoo authorities were shifting two lions from their enclosure and both died because their enclosure was set on fire to facilitate the swift movement of the lions into the transfer crates.

Kaavan was kept in an enclosure which was not at all habitable for an elephant. Kaavan’s condition has worsened over the years after living for 35 years bounded in chains and standing on hard concrete floor which has caused issues in his foot. His nails are cracked and overgrown because of the hard floor and malnutrition which shows the heights of negligence by the zoo officials. 

He is severely obese and his cholesterol level is high. He has been living all alone from 2012 when his only mate "Saheli" died due to cardiac arrest probably due to negligence which has been the case with all other animals.


Suzi  - the elephant who died in Lahore zoo due to acute pain in the legs 

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Four Paws also stated that apart from physical issues, Kaavan is also suffering from behavioural and psychological issues because of the boredom and the loss of his mate which is why he in an unusual manner waves his head and ears from one side to another for hours.

Eventually, animal activists all around the world and especially  America's celebrity singer Cher raised voice against this animal cruelty and demanded relocation for Kaavan to a suitable place. Several campaigns were organized throughout the world to protect Kaavan and his rights to live a free life. 

In May, due to the pathetic conditions of the zoo and several complaints by the animal activists, the court ordered the zoo to be closed down and animals to be relocated to proper places.

And finally, after a treacherous period of 35 years, zoo officials asked for the assistance of Four Paws for relocating Kaavan to a suitable habitat which would be most probably Combodia where Kaavan will live free with other elephant companions and live a peaceful life.

Four Paws stated that after a thorough examination by the veterinarian, Kaavan has got the clearance to be relocated and will be further treated for his health issues thereafter.

Kaavan the elephant| World's loneliest elephant | Elephant in captivity| Pakistan zoo | Save the Elephants| Four Paws