Mudhol hound and Rajapalayam- two Indian hound dog breeds being used by Border Security Force for the first time!

 Mudhol hound or Caravan hound | Rajapalayam dog| BSF and police now training Indian dog breeds

Dogs have been an important part of our lives for ages whether they be used as working dogs or just for companionship. In today's world, these furry friends have become a more integral part of our lives and dogs are now being used in wide aspects such as search and rescue operations, sniffer to catch criminal activities, protection, and military dogs and even some are being trained to detect symptoms of diseases such as cancer in humans.

When it comes to military applications breeds such as german shepherds, Belgian malinois and Dobermans are quite popular because of there supreme agility, hunting instincts, powerful jaws, and the tendency not to give up easily makes them perfect for military operations. 

But recently amazing news came from Border Security Force of India(BSF), an elite force responsible for protecting its borders on the eastern and western region, has started trials for the training of two Indian dog breeds coming from the Indian hound community of dogs are Rajapalayam and Mudhol hounds found in the southern region of India.

Although these breeds have never been used in such applications before and these being not so popular as pets have become quite rare as there are not so many breeders in the country having the original bloodline, these breeds are now being considered suitable for many reasons. 

These being local breeds are most appropriate in Indian conditions and are less prone to diseases. Coming from the hound family, their long slender body gives them agility and these can run easily at 55-60 km/hr. Rajapalayam and Mudhol hound are both short-coated and being a hound these are always ready to work and please their masters, so training these is also not very difficult. 

These factors make grooming and training easy. The most striking feature of these breeds is their sense of smell which is very much needed in a military dog used at border patrols and security. BSF is now looking for use of these breeds in bomb squads, patrolling, and even as police dogs to catch criminals. According to BSF officials, if such trials are considered successful, they would be going forward with other Indian breeds as well.

Mudhol hound - the breed


Mudhol Hound or Caravan Hound 

Image Source-  Google | Image by - Common Wikimedia

Mudhol hound belongs to the sighthound family of dogs originating from the Bagalkot district of Karnataka state. It is also commonly known as Caravan hound or Karwani and has been used in the region for guarding and hunting for centuries. These are considered to be aggressive towards strangers because of their guarding instincts but are very loyal towards their family. 


Mudhol Hound is close to Greyhound 

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It is difficult to train this breed but with proper exercise and training, these can turn out to be very useful in military and police units. The breed is close to the greyhound and in general, is quite healthy with very few health issues. The breed, in general, is large with fawn and mix coat colours. These have a short and dense coat so grooming is not an issue.

Rajapalayam - the breed

Rajapalayam  dog 

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Rajapalayam or the Indian ghost hound is a breed of dog originating in the Rajapalayam district of Tamil Nadu. It was developed as a vivacious hunter to hunter wild boar and small game. This breed of dog is facing the threat of extinction because of the loss of pure bloodline and these are not popular due to which, it is found in very small tribal areas of Tamil Nadu. 

While the government is taking necessary steps to protect the breed, various campaigns have been launched to make people aware of the breed. This breed of dog is excellent for guarding because of its large size and ferocious behaviour. This breed has a white short dense coat with a long body and generally does not have health issues. These are very loyal to their owners but can be aggressive towards strangers and other animals.

 Mudhol hound or Caravan hound | Rajapalayam dog| BSF and police now training Indian dog breeds