Can a Siberian Husky thrive in regions having hot summer temperatures like India ?

Siberian Husky| Can Siberian Husky live in hot summers of North India| Siberian Husky is a great pet for family with children 

It is a popular misconception that Siberian Husky can survive in air-conditioned rooms during hot and humid summer months in India. Well, yes they can but it is not a question of their survival because you don't want your dog to be just a showpiece locked inside the house for 20 - 23 hours a day to protect it from extreme Indian temperature instead one should look into whether Siberian husky is at all suited to his local climate where it can live a free and healthy life. 


Siberian Husky 
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In general, huskies are typically from Siberia in Russia and as the name suggests, these would thrive in temperatures below 15 degrees very easily. However many popular opinions are there which claim that huskies can bear the hot and humid temperatures of northern India if they are kept in air-conditioned rooms. 

But these people should consider a simple question whether breeds like huskies from working line who were used to pulk sledges in extremely cold regions will be able to live in artificial environment locked up inside the rooms most of the day in Indian climate where there are more summer months than winter months. A Siberian husky is a free-spirited dog that loves to roam around and is a great pet with family and especially with children if proper care and early training are being given to it. 

Siberian husky is becoming more popular among the show quality breeds because of their uniques eyes which are blue in some individuals and some even have two distinct colours eyes. Their double coat is beautiful giving them an appearance somewhat like a wolf which grabs a lot of attention. The most distinct feature of the Siberian husky is that it "speaks". Yeah, you heard it right Siberian husky is known to be very vocal and some may even say words such as "I love you" which is amazing to listen. 

However, most of the vocalization is through barks and howls but be ready for a very talkative dog if you are planning to have one. Because of these reasons, the popularity of the Siberian husky has increased tenfold in recent years and this breed is grabbing attention especially on social media where viral videos of Siberian husky are seen widely. 


Siberian husky is great pet for family with children
    Image Source-  Google | Image by - Pixabay

People are just blindly buying Husky puppies from breeders at hefty prices which have again raised issues of puppy mills and unethical breeders in the market. Parents are buying husky puppies as a birthday present for children while people are buying them as gifts for Valentine and what not. Ultimately no one gives a thought about whether they will be able to care for the breed or not. 

Caring for Siberian husky can be a costly affair especially in tropical countries such as India where the breed's vet bills can reach thousands of rupees every month since the natural climate of tropical areas is not suitable for these husky unless an air-conditioned environment is given and then too it may lead to health issues. But certain hilly and less humid regions can be ideal for Siberian huskies where the temperature range is between 25-30 degrees C in summer and 0-15 degrees C in winters. 

Every breed whether it be a Siberian husky or any other breed have their unique requirements which should be addressed before buying a pedigreed puppy from a reputed breeder but if possible always adopt a loving pooch from thousand of shelters all over the world where thousands of dogs are waiting for you to make them a part of your family and in return you will get the most loyal friend and unconditional love for life.

Siberian Husky| Can Siberian Husky live in hot summers of North India| Siberian Husky is a great pet for family with children