Worried for your pets after the end of work from home ? Here are few tips one can follow to prevent anxiety in pets!

Anxiety in pets after the end of work from home| how to deal with separation anxiety in pets ? 

Our lives are incomplete without our pets but the effects of covid 19 in the recent past have impacted both us and our beloved pets. We may have seen some of the worst situations losing our love ones, being locked up in our houses, constant fear of deadly covid waves, and covered our faces in the mask throughout the day. 


But some of the best things happened too. It has been the longest time we stayed together with our family bonding and taking care of each other. This time has been the most important in enhancing the love and affection we have for our pets. 


Anxiety in pets when they are alone 
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While our cats and dogs before may have become used to the fact of us leaving them alone while going to work but the work from home trend has made our pets habitual of our presence every time around them and now when things are getting to normal and work from home is going to end for most, our pets will be the most affected when we leave home for work. 

Some pets will be able to cope with the situation easily but could turn out to be a nightmare for many others. This issue has become of serious concern since a large number of pets have been adopted during covid and the number of pet owners have increased tenfold since people were alone at home.


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Separation anxiety and loneliness in pets could result in aggression, or distress behaviour leading to the destruction of surroundings and household. But many animal behaviourist suggest that these issues could be avoided if proper measures are taken.

Prepare well in advance 

One should not wait for the day to come when we leave our beloved pets at home alone and leave for work rather make your pets habitual of your absence during the working hours for which one should start practicing for the same well in advance and start leaving your pets alone for small intervals like for instance when you go shopping you can leave your pets alone and eventually increase the time intervals every day. This would mentally stimulate your pets and they could accept your absence.

Regular exercise 

While the lockdown has came to an end and our lives are coming back on track, regular walks and exercise are very much needed for the energy stimulation of your pets. Proper exercise would help in burning the excessive unchanneled energy and would keep your pets calm and serene during the time they are alone.

Adapting to a new routine 

Covid has been the time when our pets have been closest to us, sitting by our side, cuddling, spending all their time with us. But along with that we along with our pets enclosed in our houses have ruined our daily routine. Proper routine is very much needed for both us and our pets to live a physically and mentally healthy life. While post lockdown our pets may take some time to adapt to their usual routine but this very much helps to keep them fit and fine.


Exercise is required for better health
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Daycare or dog walkers 

While it may be easy for some pets to adapt to the new situation but for some it may take longer. To prevent any kind of emotional breakdown of your pet because of loneliness, one may always have the option of doggy daycare where their beloved pooches will be taken care of while their owners are out for work. However, this may not be a good option if you don't have one nearby to your house. Another way is to hire a dog walker who will be responsible to feed and care for your pets in your absence.

Pet toys and accessories

Your pet all day along needs activities to do or else could suffer from anxiety and distress. Pets whether it be a cat or dog have instincts to explore their surroundings always curious looking for something. These instincts can be dealt with by specific toys and treats which sort of give your pets a task and activity to do and in return, they would be rewarded with treats. This can be very useful in keeping your pets busy while they are all alone in the house.

Anxiety in pets after the end of work from home| how to deal with separation anxiety in pets ?