Harmful effects of firecrackers and loud noises on animals- Lets pledge for No crackers this Diwali!!!

Effects of crakers and loud noises on animals during Diwali| No crackers this Diwali  

Every year Diwali is celebrated as one of the most auspicious festivals in India and other parts of the world. But the sad part is post-Diwali every year the intensity of pollution increases tenfold since thousands of crackers are burnt causing smoke and pollution. 

This pollution is very harmful to all but the most affected are our pets, and stray animals on the roads who have no place to hide and protect themselves. The burning of crackers creates loud noises which may amuse us but it is very harmful to dogs and cats since they have a sense of hearing ten times more sensitive than humans. 


Loud noise of crackers make animals anxious    
 Source-  Google | Image by - Piqsels

So these very loud noises cause loss of hearing in many animals. Furthermore, these loud noises cause anxiety and distress in animals due to which they run here and there to save themselves and often ran far away from their habitual areas never to return since most of them get lost in the new areas. 

The most significant issue is air pollution. When these crackers are burnt, they release harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere which causes high levels of air pollution. This results in breathing issues and respiratory disease in humans but for the animals, it is even worst. 

Because of the smoke and air pollution, the dogs and cats are not able to breathe properly and some even die. This air pollution may cause eye infections and loss of sight as well in these animals both stray as well as pets which makes their life even more miserable. 

Birds during these times suffer too. Loud noise and pollution cause the loss of nesting ground of these birds. Many are killed due to burn injuries as a result of the bursting of crackers. At night these birds have a low vision which causes them to become victims of such accidents. Sometimes these crackers burn down entire trees inhabiting entire colonies of sparrows.

Not only the air pollution but also a ton of trash is dumped on the roads after Diwali night which causes land pollution. This thrash sometimes contains unburnt explosive crackers which are very harmful to any living being coming in contact with it. 

In the past, it has been seen that cows and dogs who are dying of hunger eat this thrash and die a very painfull death. Cases of horrible inhuman actions have also been seen wherein a dog's tail has been tied with burning crackers just for the sake of amusement. 

Such horrific incidents have been condemned and such criminals have been prosecuted in the past but this shows the extent to which these strays suffer. So let us pledge that we would not waste our hard-earned money in such unethical activities such as burning crackers and would celebrate this Diwali with sweets and lights. Our such small effort can prevent these innocent souls on the road to become a victim again this Diwali.

Effects of crakers and loud noises on animals during Diwali| No crackers this Diwali