About us

Purrfactanimals.com  offer a collection of a wide range of facts and articles about various unveiled  aspects of the animal world which is existing mutually with us in this world. We share information, fact, and figures about wildlife as well as our pet animals which are a part of our life and we think that we know them well but on the other hand there is still a lot to be explored about these creatures.  We envisage for awareness and sense of responsibility in the society for love and care for the animals around us and built a healthy relationship with them for mutual benefit.
It's really important to show the society about the much needed existence of these animals for our ecosystem balance and our intentional or unintentional actions which are causing habitat loss and uninhabited environment for the animals around us.  Whether it be a pet or a wild animal, each has its rights to live, survive and thrive in this world. Our blog is dedicated to share information about the species, pet animals, adverse effects of human actions, behavioral  patterns, efforts to be taken regarding wildlife protection, species prone to extinction and other related facts.